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(Only S\'pore Citizen/PR need apply), Age requirement - 18 and above only
Duties and Responsibilities of the DA (Delivery Agent)
  • 1. Payment to the DA can only be made once the DA has diligently delivered the parcel and LEGION updated via the phone App.
  • 2. DA shall take responsibility for the parcels up to the time of receipt of the delivery. Loss or damage to the parcel must be reported immediately and shall be compensated for by the DA.
  • 3. DA is to make at least 2 Delivery Attempts within the delivery day unless otherwise requested by LEGION.
  • 4. DA shall ensure each successful delivery with the Name, signature of the recipient verified. The DA shall not attempt to forge the signature of the recipient. DA is to call the receiver before the delivery attempt is made.
  • 5. DA is to call the receiver to reschedule another delivery attempt in the event of an unsuccessful delivery.
  • 6. DA is to update timely the delivery status of the parcels. Inaccurate or incomplete updates of delivery status might result in the delay of the payment to DA.
  • 7. In the event the delivery fails even after 2nd attempt, DA is to return the parcel to LEGION.
  • 8. Delivery orders, shipping documents must be returned promptly. Any claim made by the customer will be borne fully by the DA.
  • 9. DA shall behave in a socially acceptable manner towards the employees of LEGION, other DAs, the parcel senders and recipients and all others he is required to interact with in the performance of the delivery job.
  • 10. DA shall not enter the customer’s premises/property at all-time even if the DA is invited by the customer.
  • 11. DA must be properly attired at all time, and shall be neatly dressed in the course of the delivery job.
  • 12. DA shall not attempt to leave the parcel outside the customer’s house without acknowledgement by the receiver.

By submitting this form, I have read, and agree to abide by this Agreement. I will follow the guidelines outlined at DA Duties & Responsibilities.